Tiptree Heath FC 12 - 2 Weeley Athletic Reserves

September 3, 2016 - 3:00 pm at Feering Community Centre

Match report :  Tiptree Heath FC v Weeley Athletic

Manager Steve Chester, Assistant Manager Ian Dobbins


Being unable to attend our home game today my report will not be as comprehensive as usual however I have spoken to the Team captain, manager and assistant manager to get a good idea of the game itself.


I feel it would be right to say that game was very similar to our Gt Bentley game the previous week in that the score line was similar at half time, then the second half being a case of our fitness telling and running the opposition ragged. This is a good habit to have wouldn’t you say? Teams that become complacent thinking the game is over can suddenly find themselves battling against a resurgent team having been boosted by a goal or two.


Weeley were apparently a big strong and experienced team and found themselves on equal pegging at half time. By admission the two goals we let in were soft goals.


As Ian Dobbins says we take that responsibility as a team and we continue to work towards cutting these out, hopefully sooner rather than later as we may soon be tested by much stronger teams and soft goals may yet come back to bite us on the proverbial!


Louis Olymbios that giant of a man in midfield managed to score 4 goals whilst playing on the wing and not in his normal role…what a resourceful young man he is!  Max Hawkins put in a super performance which won him man of the match, well done lad! MOTM? No one told me we were doing that!


Being our first home game is was great to see some old faces and some not so old…..yet….Amongst  a crowd of between 40-50 ( Andy Upton guesstimate – this may be wrong as he had had a few by then ) were Mick Varley, Paul Speller ( Archie ) Dominic Upton, Mark Cottee, Dan Cottee ( the terrible twosome ) Tom Currie and  Sam Jones.


Saturday 10th September sees us face our first real test of the season playing Cinque Port, a border league premier side no less, an exciting cup encounter surely. I know the boys will relish the chance to pit their wits against them. Can’t wait for that one!


On the stats front I see that we have 5 players no less on the stats chart with goals to their name Louis Olymbios riding high with 6.


Connaught Red Star have 3 players as do Flitch Utd. This tells us that we are a free scoring team with the ability to get various players on the scoresheet, always a good thing and a testament to our diversity in attack.


Well done everyone for their efforts on our first home game. That’s me signing off for now.