Steeple Bumpstead 3 - 4 Tiptree Heath FC

October 22, 2016 - 2:00 pm

Steeple Bumpstead V Tiptree Heth FC : COUNTY CUP 22ND OCTOBER 2016




SQUAD ; Lee Greenwood Michael Lamb Kameron Dock Charlie Abrehart-Briggs Connor Brumpton Jack Tolhurst Jamie Chesney Joe Chester Ryan Knill Jones Louis Olymbios John Newman Max Hawkins Reece Speller Dan Warring


We’ve done it again folks, having gone behind 3-1 at half time we turned it around in the second half with a determined effort, a never say die attitude and silky football to win 3-4.

It’s been said to me that the boys are expected to put in 90 minutes of hard work, a focused and determined effort but in all honestly I feel that is a big ask to do week in week out. One reason being that the opposition faced may not demand it and or the occasion does not merit it (like when playing a lowly side of little quality in a league game  for example ) but also the mental and physical requirement is hard to sustain for that length of time. We are capable of it and it will materialise against top rival teams and when nearing finals of knockout cups when the stakes are raised and the occasion demands it. This game was an example of consistency in performance or a lack of it BUT what matters is that a reaction was needed and the boys produced it with aplomb when asked to.That says a lot about character and belief and again the boys did us proud. Well done one and all……


We were bettered in the first half by Steeple Bumpstead who were a vocal side constantly barking at each other, well organised, sharp, quick to tackle and hard with it . Kick off was 2pm oh what joy as I arrive 11 minutes in to the game and no one told me ( as opposed to a 2:30 KO for cup games ho hum ), I shall have to start fining myself.

So it was already 1-1 by then with Jack Tolhurst getting on the score sheet again. Keep it up Jack lad! So I thought to myself game on! These steeple lads mean business and they did, as both teams then settled down trying to break a footballing stalemate. 15 minutes in a few chances were created but Heath were patient and provided flashes of trademark silky football. 23 mins Jack Tolhurst was fouled just outside the box and it was Joe Chester who stepped up to drive a well placed effort that hits the post! Shortly after, Steeple provide a long ball out of defence where Charlie Abrehart-Briggs, under pressure is deemed to have fouled a player and it’s a harsh decision as he did get the ball for sure but SB have a resultant free kick on 25 mins which is taken quickly and Heath are caught off guard, such that Lee Greenwood is wrong footed and left scrambling desperately to reach a well placed curler that flies low into the right post 2-1.

Heath react and Joe Chester finds himself with the ball at his feet on the edge of the box and turns quickly with only the goal keeper to beat on 28 mins but it’s a missed opportunity. Aaaah!

The next 10 minutes finds both teams cancelling each other out then on 38 mins Heath pressure results in a corner which comes to nothing but Steeple again recycle a quick ball out of defence and deliver an accurate long ball forward where our defence, being isolated is now under pressure with a 2 on 2 , SB are quick and nifty and their striker bears down on goal with pace and we aren’t close enough to tackle, he picks his spot and dispatches a fine well driven low shot from the right side edge of the box that tucks inside the left post 3-1 .

In the dying minutes of the first half Ryan Jones finds himself square in front of the box with only the keeper to beat but frustratingly its blasted over the crossbar and it’s a case of two missed opportunities where it might have been 3-3 but it’s 3-1 and all to do in the second half .

The half time team talk is spot on and management recognises our defensive issue so, John Newman makes way for Max Hawkins to provide a covering role whilst Louis O is moved upfront,  we are also required to ‘ get in their faces’ by manager Steve ‘Charlie ‘ Chester and Dobby himself reiterates the point by pumping up the boys to go out for a BIG HALF and rightly so, as we weren’t as dynamic as we usually can be in first half performances.

We are out of the starting blocks as the second half begins and our resulting pressure gets us a corner. Nothing comes of it and at the other end a tame SB lob of sorts hits our crossbar. That being said we have started the better and look the better side through effort and determination. 55 mins Louis O heads over from a throw in and SB are restricted to their own half as we press. SB then manage a typical quick break which again threatens and is a warning! Then on 60 mins our work rate allows Jamie Chesney to fire in a curling effort from just outside the box 3-2. 65 mins we have a free kick in our half and Joe Chester puts a quick ball forward where the ball is squared to a loitering Jack Tolhurst who is just off centre to the box about 25 yards out and fires in a firm side footed shot that tanks its way in at the right post !  3-3 and we have taken the game by the scruff of the neck now and our resilience is winning over as Louis O breaks into the box near to the goal line, he battles past two defenders and is tight in the 6 yard box with an SB defender hustling him and a goalie standing tall at his near post such that he can do no more and it goes into touch. We are quick and slick creating silky play and on 80 mins Ryan Jones is rested for Dan Warring to come on and play a nuisance role getting at them whenever he can.

Heath pressure is constant and with their tails up the ball is worked well in and around the box such that on 85 mins Louis O, typically wins a ball mid way between the centre circle and near touch line that he has been sold short, and with an outstretched leg hooks the ball out from under  an SB foot and is up on his feet in a flash with no one on him he sets himself to unleash a bullet of a shot that flies in at the far right post from 25 yards out.

It’s another eeeeeeek moment for all and sundry and I’m off on a jig along the touch line again as we go 3-4. The dying minutes are tense as SB desperately look to score and the ref has 4 mins extra time which is fair I guess as Joe Chester was down for two to three mins with an injury earlier on but it’s no relief for us as SB have a couple of forays forward  where we scramble a ball clear from defence only for  SB to punt another ball forward but Lee Greenwood is out of his area like a runaway juggernaut to launch it into outer space.

We are then in corner flag mode to kill the game and tick tock goes the clock …..we are 5 minutes into extra time before ref blows for full time and we’ve done it again; winning from a losing position where our resilience has won the day.

Full credit to the boys for coming out in the second half and reacting as they did. A mention goes to Reece Speller being sub, though not required, we thank him for his patience and great team attitude.

A certain Neil Farley, a one time Tiptree United manager from back in the day who currently assists coaching within the Steeple side, praised the Heath when speaking to our manager. He said we played on the front foot through out the second half, played from the back and switched play well from left to right.It’s always a good sign to get plaudits from the opposition.

So in summary we stepped up a gear and put in the necessary focus, effort and determination that was required to win and ……..quite literally topple over the Steeple.