Tiptree Heath FC 7 - 0 Holland

April 8, 2017 - 3:00 pm at Feering Community Centre

Tiptree Heath FC V Holland A


Manager : Steve Chester, Coach : Ian Dobbins

SQUAD : Max Hawkins, Charlie Briggs , Jack Tollhurst , Ryan Scillitoe , Reece Speller ,Joe Chester ,Jamie Chesney , John Newman ,Ryan Jones ,Connor Brumpton ,Charlie Green, Louis Olymbios , Alex Moore, Charlie Thomson

Yes folks for those of a certain age will remember Malcolm McLarens hit single of 1983 about a New York dance troupe ‘ doing the ‘ Double Dutch ‘ being a simple skipping game , weird but wonderful as was the Heaths performance ,( that’s wonderful not weird…ok ) and I couldn’t help associating the Dutch with Holland and doing the double over them hence Double Dutch……..if you’re still awake read on.
It was again a simple run out for the Heath against Holland which saw them getting thumped yet again as their defence was cut open on numerous occasions throughout the game.  Holland played a high line that left them overly exposed to regular attacks and it soon became 1-0 after 6 minutes from a super Ryan Jones ball over the defence where Charlie Green chased the ball down and managed to cut inside his man in the box after controlling the ball superbly well then drilling in a fine low left footed shot.
Heath were quickly into a neat and crisp passing game but were also quick to close Holland down when not in possession and they won the ball in their own half after again hustling Holland into making a mistake.

Charlie Green on receiving the recycled ball was quick to slide a neat ball through Hollands defence for Ryan Jones to race onto the ball and casually nick the ball past the on rushing keeper for 2-0 on 21 minutes.
Heath’s play was far too good for Holland who were simply outclassed all game and soon enough Ryan Scillitoe got forward well and crossed in from within the box for Jamie Chesney to slot in unchallenged from close range 3-0 on 35 mins.
Not 4 minutes late Holland lost possession again and another ball over the defence allowed Charlie Green to run onto the ball and slot comfortably past the keeper for 4-0.
At the restart Jamie Chesney was rested and the silky skills of Charlie Thomson were introduced to the game.
Heaths footballing became rampant at times and Holland were bystanders to a sublime show of 3 player movement off the ball , another break forward involving Charlie Green and Ryan Scillitoe saw a switch of play and the ball cut back to the mighty John Newman who struck a thunderous shot that flew agonisingly wide.
Joe Chester then went in goal and Max Hawkins went in field ,54 mins C Green off and Louis O on.
60 mins and Heath were in full control and quite literally purring along.  Jack Tollhurst whilst being instrumental in defence and competently mopping up any possible threats made fine passes out of defence into attack on numerous occasions.  Heath though were continually breaking through the Holland defence almost at will such that more super interplay resulted in Louis O shooting from a tight angle and the keeper saving high.
2 minutes later and Louis won a strong challenge for the ball with the keeper and slotted the resultant loose ball home for 5-0.  Loui’s impact was telling in the game such that a Holland player became the recipient of a Louis challenge ( dubbed ‘ being loui’ed ‘ ) and was felled momentarily before staggering back to his feet albeit rather gingerly.
Connor Brumpton was rested and Alex Moore entered the fray.  75 minutes in more Heath pressure saw Holland lose possession and Louis winning the challenge and banging the ball in for 6-0.
78 minutes and Jack Tollhurst made one of his signature moves foraging forward at pace out of defence it’s a joy to watch him in full flow and he went all the way to strike well for it to flash inches wide ( that would have been goal of the season , unlucky Jack )
88 minutes and Max Hawkins struck a fine effort of a free kick that snuck in at the left post for 7-0.
In the dying seconds Heath were awarded a penalty and I was pleased to see John Newman up to take it as he certainly deserves a goal for his efforts.  During the game the management themselves were willing John to put one away and he came close on occasion , the air felt fraught with tension as he stepped up to promptly thwack it at the keeper.  A wry smile was on a few faces I can tell you.  Never mind John it’ll come I’m sure.