Tiptree Heath FC 8 - 1 Colne Engaine

September 17, 2016 - 3:00 pm at Feering Community Centre


Saturday  17th  September 2016



Manager: Steve Chester, Coach: Ian Dobbins



Lee Greenwood, Connor Brumpton, Charlie Abrehart-Briggs, Jack Tolhurst, Michael Lamb, Louis Olymbios, Joe Chester, Jamie Chesney, Ryan Knill Jones, Cameron Ward, Max Hawkins, Kameron Dock, John Newman, Reece Speller.


It’s a lackluster first 15 minutes to the game today though we are playing our usual brand of football. Jamie Chesney is through on goal on 2 mins only to lob well over and Cam Ward also sees a chance go begging with only the keeper to beat! The game does not quite have the tempo that we need however on 18 mins Connor Brumpton finds himself with time to score comfortably from the right side of the box 1-0.

The goal spurs Colne Engaine into a reaction of sorts but it doesn’t last long. Cam Ward, always hungry, wins the ball in our defensive area for Ryan Jones to loft a delightful ball forward, nothing comes of it except my mentioning that the lad has a guile and vision about him that will surely bear fruit in games to come.

On 26 mins we get a free kick about 25 yards out and it’s Max Hawkins who delivers a powerful low driven shot at the keeper who spills the ball for that man Louis Olymbios to be in the right place and tuck it home 2-0.

Heath are now settling in to a rhythm as Max Hawkins hits the post. Heath pressure sees us winning a flurry of corners which sees Cam Ward hit the crossbar.

It’s good interplay by us that on 36 mins  Cam Ward keeps the ball well and runs across the edge of the box with a defender in tow, he cuts back neatly just inside the box and deftly curls the ball in with his left foot 3-0.

39 mins Connor Brumpton crosses in from the right and it’s seemingly off a defender and in the goal! 4-0

It’s easy peasey now moving the ball around nicely I count 12 passes (that’s bound to be wrong but you all know me well enough now) and on 42 mins good work by Reece Speller sees him move the ball forward whilst hugging the touch line on the left .Cam Ward collects the ball and coolly jinks past the keeper to slot home for 5-0




A welcome cuppa is had by me during the interval (thank you Lisa Bearne) and I chat with our growing army (small gathering) of fans.


We get under way for the second half and it’s business as usual as Louis O picks out Cam Ward who drives toward the goal line on the left side edge of the box again with a defender firmly on his heels. There’s seemingly nowhere for Cam to go now but he deftly chips the ball into the box with the  outside of his right foot where Ryan Jones pops up to head it home 6-0 on 49 mins.

Heath continue to press and it’s two quick goals a minute later as Louis O shoots from the edge of the box 7-0 whilst Cam Ward makes it 8-0 on 52 mins .

56 mins on goes Michael Lamb for Reece Speller

60 mins on goes John Newman for Ryan Jones.

65 mins Connor Brumpton is winding up for a machine like chug and is in on goal but doesn’t convert this time, unlucky.

Colne manage to get a free kick and score ! I somehow missed that …..daydreaming….? Who me? and so as the whistle blows it becomes  8-1

Well done the Colne keeper who was kept well busy in the second half and had great hands to deny the Heath a hatful of goals, though Steve Chester said that Dennis Poole himself could have scored 10 today but it’s far from me to comment!

Ian Dobby Dobbins being ever critical felt frustrated at our game in general. I however felt that it was a case of playing to the level brought by the opposition. Had it been a testing side we no doubt would have raised our game accordingly  That’s surely all you can do is play what is in front of you and during our well attended Pop quiz fundraiser that same evening it was put to me that I  shouldn’t make the team sound better than what they are !

That being said yes I do wax lyrical about the team but I am also realistic enough to know that we will lose games, though I honestly feel that may be later rather than sooner and more likely in a KO cup game where we will meet tougher opposition from higher leagues. Furthermore, why not set a challenge to go unbeaten in the league. That in itself will create a mindset for the team to focus on and why not!  It can be done! Think the Arsenal ‘ invincible’s’ of the 2003-4 season and before you know it we’ve got ourselves a new lot of Heath legends!!

Food for thought. Anyhow well done all. Thanks for reading.