Cinque Port 3 - 4 Tiptree Heath FC

September 10, 2016 - 2:30 pm

Cinque Port v Tiptree Heath FC. Saturday 10th September 2016


Manager: Steve Chester, Coach: Ian Dobbins

Lee Greenwood, Connor Brumpton, Ryan Scillitoe, Charlie Abrehart-Briggs, Jack Tolhurst, Louis Olymbios, Joe Chester, Jamie Chesney, Ryan Knill Jones, Cameron Ward, Max Hawkins, Kameron Dock, John Newman, Reece Speller, Callum Hunt.

It was a super super performance by our young side that won over a physically strong and intimidating side that was always going to be a real test but one that was passed with flying colours!
The tone of the match was set early on by what was surely a yellow card tackle on one of our players but the Ref was reluctant to reach in to his pocket, ( that or as showed throughout the game he is allergic to the colour yellow!)

Cinque Port were constantly at the ref from the off trying to influence his decisions and it has to be said they were successful to some degree! We conceded an early goal on 5 minutes with a shot from just outside the box.

It being another windy day we had the wind with us, allowing Ryan Scillitoe to fiz wicked free kicks in on goal only to whizz past the post needing the faintest touch to equal the score. Though we were easily the better team in the first half we just didn’t get the rub of the green. Again we played the better football. On the ground with great feet, movement on and off the ball, good vision, composure, great effort and strength.

Cinque Port were mostly pegged back in their own half and we won a corner on 35 mins. Port cleared their lines and punted the ball up front, we fail to put in a telling tackle allowing Port to squirm their way through our defence and we take a sucker punch as they make it 2-0. Even then I had faith that we would score and that it would simply be a matter of time.

As play resumed in the second half it was business as usual for the Heath. Joe Chester working hard and chasing lost causes, Jack Tolhurst playing superb balls out from defence such that on 59 minutess, Cam Ward is into the box like the predator he is and manages to pounce high and acrobatically touch a high bouncing ball over the forlorn keeper to make it 2-1! Heath supporters erupt in celebration of a goal that was long overdue but always coming!

Football is winning over a bullying side who really aren’t doing much other than unfair tackles, mouthing verbal insults and constantly badgering the ref.

We are now playing Port off the park with superb interplay allowing crosses into the box where at one point Cam Ward makes a diving to header in the box but is not quite able to connect. At the other end we soak up any Port forays into our half, Ryan Scillitoe is composed as ever and makes a super tackle that is reminiscent of the great Sir Bobby Moore himself.

85 mins GOAL! Louis Olymbios out jumps the keeper and manages to glance the ball in! Eeeeeek 2-2!

We have Port on the run and they know it as they begin to argue amongst themselves such that the ref forgets his allergy to the colour yellow and books a Port player for dissent. On 89 minutes, Ryan Knill Jones finds himself through on goal with just the keeper to beat. He shows great composure by beating the keeper 2-3.

Having barely caught our breath and now into stoppage time Connor ‘the machine’ Brumpton decides to steamroller his way through half the Port team with only the keeper to beat. He jinks one way but the keeper susses him out to block but he coolly touches it to the on rushing Ryan Jones to thump home; 2-4.

Cinque ( pretty much sunk now!) Port are gifted a very late goal in the dying seconds and Lee Greenwood holds his hand up and takes the blame for being somehow distracted. We’re not bothered, it’s seconds to go and we keep the ball at the corner flag to kill time.

The whistle blows and Heath supporters go nuts! There are hugs all round. Steve ‘Charlie’ Chester and Ian ‘Dobby ‘ Dobbins are so overcome they shed tears of emotion. What a super super win, what a statement of intent from this team of talented and determined young men.

I can’t praise these lads enough. The way they conduct themselves on the pitch, the way they play their football with a steely determination, it is no wonder a feeling of pride can bring a tear to the eye.

It also has to be said that Steve Chester and Ian Dobbins work so well together in their management and coaching roles that they deserve great credit too. They literally go together like strawberries and cream. ‘Dobby’ himself said his dream has come true that he finally has such a great team of lads to work with. Surely a dream team no less.

So that being said its goodnight from me and I’ll certainly be dreaming of our next encounter in the knockout cup.