Bures FC 2 - 2 Tiptree Heath FC

October 1, 2016 - 3:00 pm



Saturday 1st October 2016




MANAGER : Steve Chester : COACH Ian Dobbins


SQUAD: Lee Greenwood Michael Lamb Reece Speller Jack Tolhurst Connor Brumpton Kameron Dock Joe Chester Jamie Chesney Cameron Ward Max Hawkins Ryan Knill Jones John Newman



It’s a bright start for both teams and Bures are a well-organized team but Joe Chester is out of the starting blocks and firing in an early warning shot.

Cam Ward and Connor Brumpton link well on the right producing a tight angled effort that flies just over the crossbar. There’s a good tempo by Heath and we are probing up front then recycling the ball back when necessary. Joe Chester is all over the pitch and does a fine job of tracking back to make a fine covering job in defense. It’s good football from both sides and an even game so far.

A well worked ball from midfield finds Joe Chester on the touch line deep in Bures half, he skins two players with a Cruyff turn very reminiscent of the great Paul Gasgoine himself and manages a cross but with no end result, we then give out a loose ball for Bures to have an effort on goal only for Lee Greenwood to block well with his body. Shortly after Jack Tolhurst jumps to make a great header that hits the crossbar.

But on 35 mins it’s John Newman  providing an assist to set up Cam Ward, he goes to shoot then corrects himself instantly to make sure of a finely placed shot that leaves the keeper rooted to the spot as the ball nestles just inside the left post. 0-1

Bures react well and there’s a shooting opportunity only for Joe Chester to ghost in and nick the ball off them again, well done Joe. Now cruising, we are like a well oiled machine and on 40 mins Connor Brumpton crosses in again and Cam Ward rises well to head in only for  the keeper to get  a fist on the ball for a glancing save, unlucky Cam.


Play resumes in the second half and Bures start brightly and on 52 mins we are caught sleeping as they attack with a glancing header that is in on the near post from a corner 1-1.

Bures are getting the better of us and we are a different side to the first half display, their pressure results in two quick corners. Ryan Jones does get an effort on goal on 62 mins. Kameron Dock lofts in a high ball that produces an effort that is well saved again by a Bures goalie showing good form. Our game play is below par, we are seemingly in a rut that we can’t get out of and it’s a slippery Bures player that compounds our problems by winning a penalty on 70 mins  which is well planted to the right of Lee for 2-1.

Heath plough on regardless and Joe Chester epitomizes the Heath spirit with his work rate and crosses in a low cross/shot from close to the by line that skims the crossbar. We still can’t find our rhythm but produce flashes of good play and coach is shouting to raise our game.

A  wicked Bures cross requires the head of an onrushing player to score for sure but he can’t quite make it …pheeeew! Bures are then one on one with our keeper but Lee does enough and it goes for a corner. Tension is rising as time is running out and we need that goal to salvage a draw at least.

85 mins coach Dobby makes a tactical change M Hawkins goes on and K Dock is rested having made a fine contribution to the game. Jack Tolhurst is moved up front and it’s now 3-4-3-1.

Come on Heath! We are still going at it and  mid way in the Bures half, the ball is lofted high into the box where a melee of players are vying for the ball but its Jack Tolhurst  eyeing the ball on the bounce like a hawk as it comes down and he has the bare faced cheek to back kick  it over his head fooling everyone. Time literally stops as it arches high toward goal…is it going in….under the bar….. over the bar….yes…..no?…..YEEEEEEEEEEESS….OMG…I don’t know what everyone else is doing but  I’m in my own world  hopping down the touch line like a demented jumping bean! And we are only salvaging a draw. But to me and others it means more that .

2-2  means still unbeaten it says  we never say die and a three musketeers type “all for one and one for all ” mentality which has given us a draw that feels like a win given that we were so out of sorts in the second half staring at a defeat with barely a minute to full time.

All the lads deserve much credit to come away with hard fought points.Credit goes also to Charlie and Dobby for an inspired tactic to move the versatile Jack Tolhurst up front in that he might use his creativity somehow and didn’t he just.