Tiptree Heath FC 3 - 2 Brightlingsea Regent A

December 17, 2016 - 1:30 pm at Feering Community Centre

Tiptree Heath FC v Brightlingsea Regent A : TOMMY THOMPSON CUP

SQUAD : L Greenwood M Lamb R Speller K Dock C Brumpton L Olymbios J Chesney J Chester John N R Jones S Dobbins Dan Warring

That’s right folks Heaths bouncebackability was to be tested this day and they proved that they have more bounce than Tigger himself. My point being that whilst having lost to Hatfield Peverel the week before our mettle would surely be under scrutiny in having to face a stern test against another good team that reside in league 2 of the Border league. So the question was to be asked can we bounce back immediately?
On KO Heath were left stunned by the quickest of goals this season ( 15 seconds ) though with a sigh of relief it was ruled out for offside. That then was the warning of things to come and it did on 12 minutes when BR had a corner. It was initially cleared then pumped back in again where their striker with his back to goal executed a swift turn/shot within the box to make it 0-1.
Both teams were up for this as there was a rivalry of sorts between players on each side and one upmanship was keenly sought after. BR were looking solid in defence early on with their No 9 being lively and liable to cause problems.Heath though were soon to get into their stride after again being slow to start. Joe Chester had himself a half chance trying to slot the ball home when it was better to shoot, then on 20 minutes Heath played the ball nicely around the edge of the box in typical neat fashion where the ball eventually fell loose to Connor Brumpton on the right side of the box where he was quick to set himself to dispatch a left footed shot 20 yards out that nestled inside the right post 1-1.
Heath by then were in full flow and beginning to create chances by getting first to the ball and generally battling well. For the remainder of the half the ball was then hotly contested by both teams, each team getting their fair share of possession play switched back and forth until the whistle was blown for half time.
After the restart on 51 minutes John Newman laid a nice pass to Connor Brumpton who put in a super cross that deserved a better result than it got. Heath then got a free kick midway inside the BR half, another superb delivery into the box saw the goalie having to make a point blank save.
The game then upped a gear quickly becoming frantic, Joe Chester continued to make fine play making winning tackles where corners were had and one switch of play resulted in a corner with another effort on goal by the Heath. BR were booked for a tackle on Connor Brumpton, then began to punt the ball forward for want of better play.
63 minutes Heath were gaining the upper hand in the middle of the pitch and Ryan Scillitoe managed a drive into the box where he fended off a tackle to cross low into the six yard box but the shot is blocked.
67 minutes BR were allowed to track across the Heath box unchallenged and find an unmarked player to fire the ball home to make it 1-2. 72 minutes Louis O had a shot saved then Heath get a corner and Ryan Jones was free to head in for 2-2. The game continued in a hotly contested atmosphere with fouls coming from BR on a regular basis. On 78 minutes Heath pressure resulted in a melee of players scrambling for the ball in the BR box, the ball was cleared but pumped in again low across the face of goal….. Own Goal. For 3-2.

There was no let up by either side as BR continued to push for an equalizer. Free kicks and corners ensued and on 83 minutes Louis O was unlucky with a header that was inches wide. ( could have put the game to bed I think to myself ) the atmosphere was tense in the closing minutes as BR dug deep but Heath were able to retain the ball well to run down the clock. Louis O got booked for dissent late on, and on 86 minutes J Newman came off and D Warring went on.
Then it’s all over and Heath were a deserved winner in a close encounter that was a test of their bouncebackability. They passed that test admirably and shows again what a great bunch of players we have. It now sees us facing a tasty Quarter final encounter with Cole Engaine no less. We thumped them 8-1 early in the season then they hit us back 4-1 in the return game, with what was a much stronger team and ourselves a somewhat depleted team and a little out of sorts that day admittedly.
However we face Colne Engaine away at Burches Meadow on 4th Feb in what surely will be a feisty and hotly contested encounter. I would ask that at this stage of the competition and seeing as there was only 4 supporters at the game (Charlie Dobbo craggy and Reece, reliably the Newman duo did make it late on which is nice,well done Keith ), that we get a good support along as the boys deserve nothing less and that we cheer them along whole heartedly.
Finally I’m a bit late with this one aren’t i. Sorry about that I literally shut down completely over Christmas….ahem…. i surely needed to relax from the mental pressures of work and my frantic scribbles on the touchline week in week out, editing,re editing and stressing out over my unique talent to mess the score up and miss certain things. Richard Wheeler and Dobbo know what I’m talking about and I’m not mentioning it. LOL.