Tiptree Heath FC 3 - 5 Belle Vue Social

January 14, 2017 - 2:00 pm at Feering Community Centre

Tiptree Heath FC V Belle Vue BORDER LEAGUE DIV 3

SQUAD : Lee Greenwood, Kameron Dock Jack Tollhurst Michael Lamb, Ryan Scillitoe Joe Chester, Jamie Chesney Connor Brumpton, Louis Olymbios John Newman Ryan Jones Reece Speller Sean Dobbins Harry Hornsby


Football is a funny game, we know that, and every team has a bad day at the office and Saturday was the Heaths. Finding ourselves 0-4 at half time was no joke or maybe it was laughable, it depends on how you look at it (personally my cup is always half full rather than half empty so I always try to be positive rather than negative). We are a young team, it’s our first season, we are doing well and we were looking down and out at half time but we won the second half 3-1.
Furthermore I’d hope that constructive criticism is given by the management and taken on board by team players, suck it up, learn from it and support each other in a positive and encouraging way on the pitch rather than laying blame at individuals because that only becomes corrosive to team spirit and unity.
And so it was that 3 minutes into the game BV placed a pin point through ball to their striker square in front of goal and with good pace he set towards goal and powered in a thunderous low shot in at the right post. Lee being slightly wrong footed got a hand to it but not enough to stop the pile driver that it was. 0-1.
Heath responded soon after with a clean ball put through to Ryan Jones who had time and space to pick his spot but unfortunately he put it well wide.
Belle Vue were noticeable in the way their front line were quick to pressure our defence when in possession. Namely the BV No 10 and as a result Heath made a back pass to Lee but the ball bobbled allowing BV to charge in and challenge, resulting in the ball rocketing sky high then dropping down in the box, the ball was struck superbly well by BV and hit the crossbar.
Heath responded with Jamie Chesney chipping an effort wide. Heath were out of sorts as Louis O and M Lamb are spoken to by the ref for dissent. Then on 25 minutes Heath again were sloppy in defence by diving in on a challenge and allowing BV to cut inside lift a shot in under the crossbar for 0-2.
Jamie Chesney had another effort on goal 2 minutes later. Then Connor Brumpton managed a run at goal with a good shot that was parried by the keeper.
30 minutes the BV No 10 had a shot parried by Lee and soon after another attack saw BV literally walking through our team with a series of one touch passes resulting in another great strike on goal to make it 0-3.
36 minutes in and Jack Tollhurst normally sublime in defence was having his own off day as he was caught in possession 25 yards out in front of goal (BV quick to close down again) and BV being clinical made no mistake with another well taken strike to make it 0-4. Heath were then seen to have a spell of pressure before the whistle blew for half time.
I didn’t venture into the changing rooms as I knew what was coming and what was going to be said and no doubt expletives were a plenty.
As play resumed Reece Speller and Harry Hornsby went on in place of Jack Tollhurst and Ryan Jones respectively.
Heath were seen to compete better in the first 15 minute spell of the second half, a cross in from the right had Louis O competing with the goalie where the ball was cleared off the line. The game became an even contest with Heath having no doubt responded to the half time blow drier treatment. Then on 70 minutes there was an off the ball incident where Heath were awarded a penalty and Jamie Chesney coolly tucked it in…off the post to make it 1-4.
With ten minutes left BV had two successive corners and Lee saved well from a No 10 volley. At the other end their keeper saved from a Connor Brumpton cross in. Both teams were not letting up and on 87 minutes Heath had a free kick just out-side the BV 18 yard box on the left hand side almost on the goal line. The ball was crossed and netted by Jamie Chesney, cheers are heard for the goal but it’s ruled offside (apparently). Heath continued to finish strongly and as my fingers had not worked well for most of the game as I forgot to bring my mitts. I could hardly write and it was no better than a three year old and quite frankly I’d had enough…but not the Heath…as Joe Chester was slipped through to finish from 20 yards out and made it 2-4 on 90.

They thought it was all over but not the ref and during another Heath attack BV cleared the ball wide right to a lone player with acres of space to run at goal Heath were short at the back and he could shoot but calmly squared it to a supporting player to slam it home for 2-5.
Was it over then….nope…Sean Dobbins was flattened midway in the BV half and Joe ‘The sublime dead ball maestro ‘ Chester took center stage 28 yards out and it was an excellent thunderous low shot that flew in to make it 3-5.
In the dying seconds BV had a man sent off for dissent then it really was all over.

To be honest at 0-4 down though it was a disastrous first half we almost salvaged something on the day. A disallowed goal, two bad misses in the first half? That’s my cup being half full and at the very least we should make sure we learn from our mistakes as a collective and also on an individual basis.
We face Holland A on Saturday and I’m thinking of ‘Trigger and his bounce-a-bility….what a fab idea for a mascot. Just need someone to be nominated as wearer.